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The only way is up as two Kiwi businesses join forces

For more than 10 years, Rocketspark has been dedicated to making sure New Zealand businesses had access to easier, more effective and affordable websites. Which is why Rocketspark knew acquiring The Freelance Village was going to be a great step forward for not only its internal design partners, but for the SME business community too.   

Rocketspark’s CEO and co-founder Grant Johnson says that when the opportunity arose to purchase The Freelance Village, he was drawn to how well both businesses aligned. And ultimately, he saw the potential to enhance what each organisation was currently offering as a service.  

“For us here at Rocketspark, we’ve seen so many businesses be burned by poor quality or poor service, so having a range of experienced, professional freelancers that we can recommend will mean we can change all of that.”  

The step was also made more natural by the fact that many villagers on The Freelance Village were already Rocketspark design partners, or creatives who worked with Rocketspark in another capacity.  

For founder Erin Harrison, getting the backing of Rocketspark has been an exciting continuation of the journey she has been on for the past four years. 

“When I started The Freelance Village in 2017, it was born from my frustration of there being nothing ‘uniquely Kiwi’ for freelancers who wanted to network with other freelancers (it can be a lonely old life sometimes), and also be seen by businesses who were looking for a professional freelancer to help them. 

“So it’s awesome that The Freelance Village has the opportunity to grow its reputation, with greater visibility in the market which could only come from being supported by a larger organisation.”

From New Zealand businesses, to Rocketspark’s own design partners and Kiwi freelancers, there’s no doubt a wide range of people are set to benefit from this exciting acquisition, with Harrison saying that while those working for themselves are driven, at the same time they still need support, resources and tools to be successful. 

“And I think we’re just the team to deliver that.”


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