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Hi, I'm Kirsten, a content and copywriter with a background in business, teaching, and creative problem solving. My curiosity and addiction to continuous learning is the basis for writing very personalised and authentic copy.

Besides being totally excited about learning everything about your business, I love the psychological aspect of copywriting that persuades people to take action.

"I am so fortunate to have met and worked with Kirsten as she has not only provided fantastic support, advice and mentorship, but her written words have truly assisted in catapulting myself into a new role and career with DHL. I can't speak highly enough of Kirsten's work and her as a person, she captures the essence of you, your values, beliefs, capabilities and achievements, creates these written articles that get the results you require. Put simply the feedback I got back from many professionals, is that my CV was one of the best they had ever seen. I only wish I was as talented with writing as Kirsten so that my recommendation could accurately reflect her great work and what she has done for me. Thank you again Kirsten!"

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