Drian Naude

Job title: Software Engineer / UI/UX Designer/Developer

Location: Christchurch

Experience: Around 10+ Years freelancing and working in a variety of roles, some senior for some NZ and US based companies working with Fortune 500 clients.


  • High performance user experiences - I write well-optimized and architected code
  • Great and communicating with designers, other devs and clients, I can and have acted as the conduit/translator between various roles on large projects.
  • Accessibility & usability - a lot of my work includes designing large systems with accessibility in mind - if someone has to use what I build for 8 hours a day it's got to make their life easier, not harder, especially if they are already struggling with things like colourblindness, reduced eyesight etc.
  • I'm a good scrum master and Agile team member - can effectively run, measure and estimate projects with a high degree of accuracy and release usable features in a short timeframe.
  • I make a great flat white, according to most of my clients ;)

I'm looking for: 

  • UI/UX work, 
  • Web design/development work
  • Software/App Development work
  • Helping designers digitize their concepts with well written code
  • Short-duration projects <3 months

Portfolio: Click here to view my website

Best endorsement: 

"Drian and I worked together for 12 months on software development initiatives which had three commercial drivers: to increase operational efficiency and/or improve customer experience and/or generate revenue.  Drian’s development planning was thorough, his innovation very high, and he effectively brought the technology solutions to the commercial start-line.  He is a geeky, innovative, knows how to get in a window when the door it shut, and speaks to non-technical colleagues and clients in a manner that we can all understand."  - Richard Little - COO of Truescape

"We worked with BitLab to launch our online marketing campaign for recruitment in May 2018. Drian understood our brief and delivered well above our expectations, providing us with solutions to not only improve our brief but suggestions to future proof the website, allowing us to edit and amend the website changes independently." - Kylie Brandt - Executive Assistant at Hilton Haulage/Dairy Fresh

 Availability/lead time: My average lead time for projects <1day is normally the same or next day, for longer projects it can be 2 - 5 business days before I can start, depending on my workload, plus the time required to actually do the work of course.

Contact me: 

M: 027 922 3212

DDI: 03 669 3212

E: drian.naude@bitlab.co.nz