Shelly Davies

I do words. Words for selling, words for reporting, words for technical peeps and words for dummies (and I use that term affectionately). Words for customers, words for bigwigs, words for every day, even words for academics. Get it?

Job title: Rockstar Writer & Trainer 

Location: Hamilton-based with trainings Nationwide and Pacific

Experience:  Shelly is the popping candy of the corporate training world.  A Rockstar Writer-Trainer, Speaker, Teacher and Facilitator.


Mind-blowingly good writing training

  • Plain English, business, report, email & technical writing
  • launch of Engaging with Māori for success in business trainings and book

Facilitation and training trainers

  • Getting people from A to B, with style


  • winner of the Tainui Region Māori Business Women award
  • finalist in the Waikato business awards

Speaking and presenting

  • TEDx Ruakura - TechWeek'18
  • ITx - NZ Conference of IT
  • TEDx Tauranga
  • TechComm Collaborate
  • Plain Language International Conference Austria 

Teaching (1994-current)

  • teaching at University of Strasbourg, France
  • Diploma of Teaching
  • Master of Arts - Creative Writing
  • taught high school English, academic and research writing at universities
  • taught teachers how to be better teachers


  • Wagging my tail and puppy dog eyes while I convince you that good business writing=human.  
  • Using words.  For anything.  Yes really

I'm looking for: Clients who need top quality results - immediately (& know that costs good money

Portfolio: Click here to view my website

Best endorsement: Check out my website: https://www.shellydavies.co.nz 

 Availability/lead time: I specialise in fast turnarounds, urgent jobs (and a budget to pay what it takes)

Contact me: 021 274 3554 / shelly@shellydavies.com