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I'm a certified financial adviser who delivers professional advice in respect to personal & business insurance, ACC levies & policies and also residential and business lending.

I also can help with KiwiSaver to give general advice on tax rates, providers and funds.

I threw myself into financial services at the start of 2019. Prior to that I was in business development/account management in the telecommunications and e-commerce industry for 6 years.

I have found that I can add real value for self-employed/business owners with their ACC policies and levies, as it is sometimes a murky and hard to navigate subject. Structuring it together with either personal or business insurance can be extremely cost effective and vastly improve your cover levels.

I can help any businesses needing advice in regards to insurance, ACC and lending options. I can also assist people looking to buy their first home, upgrading or dipping their toes into the investment property space.

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