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Meet New Zealand's top professional freelancers.

Connect with local, trusted and experienced freelancers ready to help you achieve your business goals.

The top freelancers in New Zealand | The Freelance Village

Your business deserves the best, so we only select the best freelancers to join us.

It’s our sole purpose to connect professional New Zealand-based freelancers with the Kiwi businesses who need them. 

Find the best freelancers in New Zealand | The Freelance Village

What can our freelancers do?

Whether you’re looking for a professional photographer for your business, someone to write your website copy or assist with Google SEO, or a designer who can make your brand shine, we’ve selected the best in the business to work alongside you.

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Check out all the freelancers you can contact directly, there is no one in the way.

No fees, no sign-ups and no flim-flam. (OK, maybe a little bit of "fun" flim-flam). 

What have you got to lose? Well, nothing really.

Quick - hop to it!

About The Freelance Village

The Freelance Village was created for companies and business owners who would just love to hire someone for an hour a week, or for a one-off project.

The process of doing that can be time-consuming, and often comes with the added cost of a ‘middle-person’.

This is where The Freelance Village comes to your aide...


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